Goat Tying Lessons

Whether your new to Goat Tying or want to improve your techniques, we can help you to be safer, faster, and more consistent. Lessons include both ground tying and work on dismounting.

Call Cassandra 715-536-7174 to set up a lesson or for more information. 

Breakaway Practice

Chism Trail Ranch hosts Breakaway Roping practice on a Breakaway sled and live calves.

We hold practice on Friday nights 5:pm -6pm. to by announced

The cost is $40per person.

We must start on time and (RSVP) call Sheryl at 715-432-7444

Team Roping Practice

Chism Trail Ranch hosts Team Roping Practice on Friday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm. We begin by warming up on the Heel-O-Matic before roping live steers. 

The cost is $40 per person to rope. You must (RSVP)

Call Sheryl (715) 432-7444, to RSVP or for more information.

Dates are  every Friday night at 6pm

Team Roping/Breakaway/Goat Tying

November 15th 
Goat tying & Breakaway Roping - 10 am

-2 head guarantee
-Goat Tying $30
-Breakaway Roping $45
-RSVP for stock (715)432-7444

Open Warm-up Team Roping with Buy-Back  - 12 pm

-2 head progressive $20 per entry
-$20 Buy-Back option if you missed (1st round only)
Entry for #10 must be in by the end of 1st round Warm-up roping.
Entry for draw pot must be in by the end of 1st round of warm up. 
If you're running late please call to get your entry in. 

#10 Handicap
-3 head progressive, Handicap taken out in 2nd round
-$30 per man
-capped at 6

Draw Pot Roping 
4 head progressive, Handicap taken out in 3rd round     
Pick 1; draw 3 or draw all 4 partners for $80

No entry limit

-2 Head progressive, $20 per entry
-Only novice pays, only novice gets paid.

$15 office fee 
Stall fee $20. Pasture $10 per horse 
Free trailer camping. Electical hookup $30 
3 bedroom Ranch house, $160


Concession Stand and Bar on site